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Invincible Boats Launches 37′ Catamaran to the Fleet

Invincible Boats Launches 37′ Catamaran to the Fleet

Miami, Fl. – July 9, 2018- Invincible Boats unveils their newest addition to the fleet; the 37’ Catamaran. After the incredible response to the 40’ Catamaran last year, Invincible decided to create its smaller sibling the 37’ Catamaran. The deck offers a different layout with a flat transom and two long forward fishboxes. Despite the smaller size, the 37’ has a 550 gallon fuel capacity which makes long trips easy without sacrificing range at high cruising speeds. Our new 37’ catamaran was also designed by the distinguished multi-hull architects at Morrelli & Melvin. Known for composing the modern America’s Cup yachts, they worked with us to create the most advanced fishing catamaran on the market. The 37’ excels at high speed maneuverability and seakeeping ability in all sea-states, which many present catamarans cannot claim. Some competitors are decent in a head sea, but they end up handling poorly in big following or quartering seas. Our catamaran tracks straight, even when the conditions become rough. The 37’ is ideal for those who want to get the fantastic features our catamarans provide but in a smaller footprint. Click here for more information about the Invincible Cat.  Media Contact:
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