Our Unique Hulls

Our patented monohull makes our boats fast while allowing passengers to stay comfortable and dry in rough seas. This comes from the facts: our hull has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any monohull in the world and was designed by the distinguished naval architect Michael Peters.

The air-fed tunnel produces higher speeds with lower power and a more stable ride, while maintaining maneuverability. We have honed its construction to be tough, yet lightweight to further increase fuel efficiency.


Our patent-pending catamaran hull incorporates the best elements from our monohulls with the additional stability provided from a multihull design. Morrelli & Melvin, creators of many America’s Cup sailing yachts, designed the hull through cloud computing utilizing advanced fluid dynamics software originally intended for use in aeronautical environments.

They generated the incredible hybrid semi-asymmetric design that eliminated undesirable characteristics present in many powered catamarans. As a result, our catamarans can maneuver at high speeds as well as a monohull along with comfortably handling quartering and following seas. Fuel economy is still comparable with our monohulls, even with the increased overall size.

The Fine Details

We are always pushing towards the best blend of function and elegance. For example:

  • Our angled leaning post isn’t only comfortable; it also keeps riders secure at the back and houses a large, well-insulated cooler underneath.
  • Our hardtops aren’t only good for providing lots of shade, but they are large enough to support outriggers, a mounted spotlight, and an infrared imaging camera all at once.
  • The helm may look neat, but it is also arranged in the ideal layout for maintaining control under rough conditions and accommodating large electronics for ease of navigation and fishing.
  • The rear insulated boxes serve as good storage, and they were designed specifically to fit wahoo and kingfish without bending their tails.

We develop and refine our features on every part of the boat without sacrificing comfort or attractiveness. Our customers will never have to deal with the consequences of short-sighted design.

Loaded with Features

Each Invincible boat comes with many standard features which might not be seen at first glance.

  • AGM batteries for longer life and a slower discharge rate when stored.
  • Our high-speed baitwell pickup, so circulation is maintained even at high speeds.
  • Under gunnel LEDs to illuminate the deck when traveling at night.

These are just a few examples where we provide standard features for all our boats to make usability and maintenance easier.

Customer Service

All of the above would not be possible without a great team. We want to uphold the highest quality, and we pride ourselves on building boats that are the best for fishing, diving, and cruising. Our team’s input is responsible for making the boats better by listening to your needs and wants.

We make it easy and simple to reach the right people so that you can get right down to business whether you need sales, production, or service. Our vision is to provide premium customer service and unprecedented attention to detail. Every person at Invincible is working to make sure your boat is flawless.

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